Athlete System®

The Athlete System

The Athlete System® is a one-of-a-kind program designed to provide you the skills to put you in control of how you develop as an athlete. What if you could…

Motivate yourself to a passionate level no matter how bad the situation seems?

Instantly learn a new sport skill you have been struggling to learn and master?

Achieve your best athletic performance when it mattered most?

These are three of many examples that The Athlete System® helps teach. By improving the athletes foundation skills, he or she will perform better…faster!

The Athlete SystemThe core of the program is based on an “Athlete-Centric Model”. Our design educates you on the necessary components successful athletes must possess and develop. Thirteen areas that are crucial to athletic progress are individually evaluated to provide you a starting point on how to progress as an athlete. From here, you will be educated and give a quantifiable strategy to master these skills that are not only important, but necessary to maximizing your athletic potential. With The Athlete System®, you will develop the freedom and personality accountability to become a more passionate, intelligent, and high-performing athlete!

These are actual examples The Athlete System® has been implemented and improved the athlete:

Improved Athletic Performance – This college football kicker, for years, was trying to increase the distance of his kick-offs with little success. This included hiring a personal kicking coach and personal trainer. After one week using The Athlete System®, the kicker saw a 6 yard increase on his kick-offs!

Overcoming Fear – This 11-year old gymnast struggled to overcome her fears after a fall where she was injured. After several months working with Coach Alex, she not only overcame her fears, but earned a position on her team’s “All-Star” group.

Increased Confidence – This 16-year old swimmer was unable to crack the ranks of the best. She had a desire to be one of the areas best, but didn’t believe she could beat the more “talented” and “experienced” swimmers. Over the course of one year, she was recognized as the team’s Most Improved Swimmer while earning a trip to Zones.

Handle Pressure – This boxer entered the professional ranks with a KO to his name. With a higher ranked opponent coming up, he wanted to make a statement that he was a fighter to be reckoned with. After several months of coaching, the boxer was not only victorious, but had his first knockout!

Discover Happiness – This 19-year old tennis player was extremely successful, yet, miserable. There was no motivation and it was clear she had lost her passion for the game. By implementing the concepts of The Athlete System®, she found her love for the sport, earned a Division I scholarship, and now wants to make tennis coaching a career.

The Athlete SystemWhether you work with a Coach Alex or not, we strive to provide a customized plan for you!

The Athlete System® Game Plan – Many athletes understand the importance of setting goals and creating a strategy to achieve them. The Athlete System® Game Plan is designed to take this approach and goes much further! Not only are you provided an analysis of your current strengths and weaknesses, but also given a customized plan to achieve your goals! Athletes who have completed and implemented the game plan see a dramatic improvement in both their performance and overall happiness! If requested, a free consultation session can also be set up once completed.

The Athlete System® Workshops – If you are looking for a workshop that is as much inspiring as educational, then you have to book Coach Alex! The workshop is designed to be customized for the following audiences: athletic departments, coaches, parents, and athletes. Coach Alex’s experience working with a variety of groups & organizations is invaluable as the focus is tailored to best match your needs.  The length of these workshops have ranged from one-hour keynote speeches up to five-day excursions. On-going coaching sessions are also available.

The Athlete System® Athlete Coaching – No athlete can reach their limits without the right coach inspiring, guiding, and teaching the athlete. Coach Alex works with athletes in both a one-on-one and group setting to provide the necessary skills to maximize your potential! These interactive and uplifting sessions can be done in-person, by phone, or Skype. Athletes instantly see a difference in their performance while coaches and parents see a more motivated and confident person!

The Athlete System® and Coach Alex have helped hundreds of athletes go further than they ever thought possible! Young athletes develop the motivation, confidence, and decision-making power to make the right choices while developing traits that will last them a lifetime. Serious athletes implement a unique skill set that allows them to perform better, no matter the obstacles they face. D-I/Professional athletes use the program to handle the high expectations they face while and maximize their physical talents.

While these are great reasons, the truth is in the core of why Coach Alex and The Athlete System® exist. This program has been developed over a decade with one goal in mind: to see you achieve success and happiness! Not only does the program stand on its own, there is no culture that creates a synergy of results and fun like coaching and workshops with Coach Alex Kuhn. Find out why now!