Claim Your Goodness w/ Dominic Labriola (Real Shift Radio)

Dec 8th, 2014

Claim Your Goodness w/ Dominic Labriola (Real Shift Radio)

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Self-Made with Alex Kuhn

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“It was like my soul just left me.” – Dominic Labriola

Dominic’s Self-Made Journey

How many of you were designing houses at the age of 10? Well meet Dominic Labriola, the man with a quick smile, a positive outlook, and truly lives a life of goodness and fulfillment. He didn’t always have success in life as you will hear a story that is both heartbreaking and inspiring because of how he persevered. In 2007, Dominic was the #1 realtor in his hometown and life was good before the market crashed. Having gone from making hundreds of thousands of dollars to $11,000 in one year not only cost him his home and his “independence” (he moved back home with his parents), but he became depressed and ballooned to 240 pounds. But what you will here is how he used this low point in his life to not only get back up, but to discover his true authentic self and be happier than ever!

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Sneak Peak

  • Dominic gives so much credit to his mentors for helping him become the man he is today. How did they strongly influence his decision to get into real estate?
  • He went broke, his dad was diagnosed with cancer, and he lost his home…what work did he do in order to gain back his fulfilled life?
  • I asked him if he had to create a university to help individuals who were struggling, what did he say would be included? (One of the most powerful answers I’ve ever heard)

What You Will Learn?

  • Why Did You Start This Professional Journey? I’ve always loved real estate – I began working on construction sites as a 10 year old and began designing homes to build with my dad. I got into real estate to sell the properties we built and found I was good at it.
  • What Challenges & Struggles Did You Face Along Your Journey? The economic crash was especially tough on me – my market was a second home market. I became very depressed, ballooned to almost 240 pounds, dad got cancer, lost my house, was living very inauthentically.
  • What Was The Turning Point In Your Journey? I think the turning point was at my lowest. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was miserable, fat, sad, broke, living with my parents. I spoke with my family practitioner and got on medicine to help with depression. A good friend invited me to move to California at the same time he was. I started back up in real estate and started walking every day, then running. I joined a running club. I made new friends. Every day is a new opportunity to get me one step closer.
  • Who Influenced You The Most During Your Journey? I’ve had many mentors. Jimmy Jamison was a developer who I think was an incredible person – kind, giving and smart. My dad continues to be a person I turn to for advice all the time. Nick Segal has been a great source of inspiration for me (founder of the company I currently work with), Lewis Howes has been a great inspiration.
  • What Three Pieces Of Advice Do You Have For The Self-Made Audience? Limit social media time – take the apps off your phone and just access it from the computer for a short period of time once or twice a day. Do something active and read books every day. Invite stillness into your life.
  • What Do You Love The Most About What You Do? I love working with loyal, gracious, qualified & respectful people to help them achieve their dreams and live their best life.

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