The One Hour Most People Waste

Jan 29th, 2015

The One Hour Most People Waste

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Self-Made with Alex Kuhn

“Once you understand it truly matters how you start, each day will be one lived with purpose.”

For the majority of you this evening, you will set your alarm at a specific time you have to get up. This time is set usually with your first obligation of the day (work?). Once that alarm sounds…or maybe after several snooze buttons are hit, you go through the motions (shower, maybe breakfast, drive to work) before you mentally say “ok, now my day begins”.

How many hours of your day just passed by where you were lethargic or dreading the rest of your day?

High achievers, whether they are people who are above the average person in fitness, finances, or happiness do not waste time in there day. In fact, they tend to use their mornings much better than the typical person. What are they doing that you can implement right now?


What will you change in the first hour of your day? I would love to hear from you!

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