The Zig Ziglar Disciple w/ Jacob Nawrocki

Sep 24th, 2014

The Zig Ziglar Disciple w/ Jacob Nawrocki

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“You know the saying, ‘You have to Risk a lot to get a lot’…I just knew this to be true and that I had greatness inside of me.” – Jacob Nawrocki

Jacob’s Self-Made Journey

The podcast episode today features host of one of the top self-help podcasts, Operation Self-Reset, Jacob Nawrocki. Jacob was always influenced to be in the self-help and motivation industry as young as he can remember. He talks about growing up in a family where his father pursued his own dreams of building a real estate business and going through the trial and tribulations of bankruptcy. As he continued to grow, his own entrepreneurial dreams started to take hold. With experiences not succeeding in one of his first businesses and heavily influenced by Zig Ziglar, Jacob made the bold decision to follow his passion and become a motivational speaker. What is most impressive? How positive he has stayed despite the many setbacks he has faced!

Sneak Peak

  • Jacob’s father always had motivational tapes running while he was growing up. Despite the financial fears growing up, he credits this time as some of his best learning experiences.
  • His first business was not Operation Self-Reset, but a device called What did he learn that has helped him succeed in his current motivational speaking business?
  • Currently a firefighter as well, what does this high-stress occupation teach you about high performance?

What You Will Learn?

  • The keys to truly motivating others is discovering their “Why” and making sure they are laughing and having fun.
  • The power of positive relationships and why you should immediately get out of any bad relationships you are in.
  • One aspect of any person’s goals is tied to the financial piece and how crucial it is to face your finances, regardless of how well you are doing.
  • The key to success is speed, which can only be accomplished through tireless preparation.
  • Why you need to remind yourself each and everyday of the greatness that lies within you.

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  1. Jake September 24, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Alex, Thanks again for allowing me to inspire your audience. You are helping so many people reach there hidden potential! Keep up the Great work and I cant wait to see how big this podcast gets.

    Jake Nawrocki

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