Thank You!

I can’t tell you how excited I am that you and I will be working together to help you reach your goals! One of the challenges I find with individuals and organizations is the following question:

“Where do I start?”

Such a simple question with such a complicated answer. Well now, here is your chance to get an outsiders opinion! I want to encourage you to email me and ask me ANYTHING you can think of. I promise that this will stay just between you and me. Whether you are struggling to lose weight, earn that promotion at work, or just how to create a better relationship with your kids, I have heard a lot and provided a lot of guidance as well. Perhaps you know exactly what you want, but want some guidance on how to best set goals, how to build the right accountability structure, or just would like a little kick in the pants.

One final thought before I hear from you (I hope…I promise, I think of myself as a nice guy). If you wanted to get stronger, is it better to think about it or to go actually do it. When you make a decision to go after your dreams, don’t think about it, act on it! Until we talk…

To You Self-Made Potential!
Coach Alex Kuhn