Traveling The World & Living The Adventure

Jan 12th, 2015

Traveling The World & Living The Adventure

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Self-Made with Alex Kuhn

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“To be Self-Made…it signifies that you are deliberately deciding to grow as a person.” – Derek Loudermilk

Derek Loudermilk’s Self-Made Journey

It isn’t very often you come across an individual who was a professional cyclist, discovered a new virus, has a hot spring named after him, and is spending one year traveling the world with his wife. In fact, he is the first for me! Meet Derek Loudermilk, founder of the podcast The Art of Adventure. In May, he made the decision to travel the world with his wife to learn how business works around the world and to take some time experiencing life outside of the United States. While on his journey, what he has realized is that living in the moment and constantly learning is where he finds himself happiest.

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Sneak Peak

  • What has Derek learned about business that is unique, but would greatly benefit all entrepreneurs?
  • How is he able to travel the world and continue to grow his business?
  • What did Derek learn while competing as a cyclist against the top riders in the world, including Lance Armstrong?

What You Will Learn?

  • Why Did You Start This Professional Journey? I realized I was meant to be a teacher
  • What Challenges & Struggles Did You Face Along Your Journey? I have had multiple careers and the greatest challenge for me was being able to pivot from each one.
  • What Was The Turning Point In Your Journey? When I did my first podcast interview as well as when one of my cycling clients won a race.
  • Who Influenced You The Most During Your Journey? Tim Ferris, Chris Guillebeau, Lewis Howes, Paolo Coelho
  • What Three Pieces Of Advice Do You Have For The Self-Made Audience? Read a lot, move to a location that surrounds you with the right people, and get to know yourself.
  • What Do You Love The Most About What You Do? I love meeting amazing people and learning from them.

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