What Does Greatness Take?

Sep 23rd, 2013

What Does Greatness Take?

Have you ever looked at any aspect of your life and asked yourself: “How can I be better?”…”How can I reach a new level?”…”What do I need to be my very best?”

Simply… What Does Greatness Take?

Goal (The Shore) – Most people at one point or another have heard that it’s important to sit down and write out your goals. The secret is to not write your goals, but to write one goal. Having a single goal, focuses the necessary mental and physical energy required to be successful. Having one goal is like being in a boat with a particular shore in mind. It provides the compass that will point you in the right direction.

Passion (The Paddle) – When is the last time you jumped out of bed on a Monday morning ready to get to work? When is the last time you just couldn’t stop talking about your day to everyone? Goals without passion is like a boat without a paddle. Whatever you have decided your goal to be, it attracts the positive emotion inside of you to live the day with vitality.

Skill (The Rowing Technique)- Anything worthwhile doing takes more than just the desire to achieve the worthwhile! Every task takes skills, whether learned through school or experienced first hand. No matter where your skill is developed, constant self-improvement is a must. If you are in the boat with the paddle, your ability to row is necessary to start moving.

Resiliency (The Wave)- Have you ever had a bad day? Of course you have! Did you let it consume your thoughts and behaviors? Did you just say I’ll make do with what’s in front of me? Or did you decide that you controlled the day and would turn things around? Every boat faces waves as you work towards shore. Your resiliency will help you discover that there is more in you than you ever realized!

So what does greatness take? It takes you deciding to own your greatness!

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